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What We Do

We make talent recruitment seemless and stess-free so you can be supported.


Research and relationships are the keys to recruiting.

who we are

We dislike the car salesman approach to recruiting as much as you do.

We believe that too many recruiters think quantity is better than quality. But having to deal with a bunch of poorly matched candidates is a huge time-waster. Toronto-based Goldenbridge was founded upon the belief in quality over quantity.

We take the time to understand exactly what a company is looking for in a new hire. We then do a diligent search, along with a thorough interview process to provide you with a targeted list of only the crème de la crème.

What we're about

Our goal is simple.

In the end, our goal is to help you save time and to reduce the overall burden and costs of recruitment. We offer a complete set of recruitment solutions, from individual or team staffing, long or short-term hires, to HR department augmentation. And if you’re searching for a new job, we can help you get started today. Like right now. Whether you’re a busy hiring manager or a time-strapped job candidate, we are here to help you relieve the stress of recruiting. We send only top, pre-qualified talent on interviews and we are constantly building our network of the best talent in the digital sector.


Meet your recruitment partner.

Owen Gan is the founder and face behind Goldenbridge. With over a decade of recruitment experience, he founded Goldenbridge with the sole intent to provide a boutique experience for clients in need of quality talent. Having witnessed firsthand the machinations of large recruitment firms and the watered-down and tired tactics being offered to clients, he knew there was a better way: make it personal and build trusted relationships.

Owen goes the extra mile to understand exactly what your needs are and is steadfast from day one to when the offer is finally signed. Focusing on the information and tech sectors, Owen has assisted dozens of companies to fill a variety of roles in software development, data science, fintech, AI, systems, project and product management, and many other specialties. Success is found in the end result and Owen understands that your success is his.

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“Owen is one of the best recruiters I have worked with, he has a great sense of understanding the employer's needs and expectations. I'm impressed with his dedication on a new career opportunity for me, and he was very supportive during my interview and onboarding stages. I would like to sincerely thank Owen for leading me such a great step forward in my career pursuit and strongly recommend him to any employers and candidates.”
Jimmy C.
Cloud Architect
“Owen demonstrates tremendous value during the job-placement process. He offered valuable insight while guiding me through the interview and acceptance process and was reachable 24/7 – and he followed-up our exchanges with a great degree of persistence and care. Highly recommended.”
Michael S.
Senior Product Manager
"Owen contacted me and provided great information on an opportunity that matched what I was looking for. The questions he asked ensured I would be a good fit, both for level and culture, before moving forward to next steps. He provided all important details on the company and I went into meetings confident on role expectations and he was a key part of my success.”
Jeffrey L.
Product Manager
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