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Great recruitment is not just about finding people. It’s about finding the right people.

what we do

Talent recruitment services tailored to your needs.

01. Full-time Permanent

Whether you’re looking to replace a key position, or are expanding to include new positions, we’ve got your back. We can offer a contingency of recruitment solutions and work with you to discover and attract the right candidates.

02. Contract Employees

Because we have a constantly expanding and evolving candidate database, we can find you the contractor, freelancer or interim employee that fits your needs. We identify specialists with the specific skill-sets required to enhance and contribute to your team.

03. Retained Search

We’ve been doing this a long time. And along the way, we’ve developed some valuable relationships with senior team members. With the experience and connections at Goldenbridge, we can help you discover and vet that unique senior member.

04. Partner

When a single hire won’t do, we can work with you to recruit a full team of project-based tech consultants. This way, you get all the power and flexibility of an in-house team, but with a significant cost savings.

Find out where we can help.

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